Wapapi Home Page

Notice: The Wapapi web toolkit is no longer being offered for sale. If you still do development with Delphi 4 or 5, feel free to browse this site and download Wapapi.

Use Wapapi for Delphi to make your web site Dynamic!
Say goodbye to those static, unchanging pages on your web site; make your site come alive with web applications.

Here are some of the things you can do with Wapapi:
  • Easily implement a database search function
  • Create applications that let your users add, edit, and delete data over the Web.
  • Make an application that searches your site for content
  • Mix static and dynamic pages on one site
  • Store pages or graphics in a database instead of in flat files
  • Use a database to create data-driven web sites
  • Add a security system (that you design, not what someone else gives you)
  • Access hidden header data so you can track what browsers your users use
  • Use HTML forms as part of your site's navigation

    What It Is
    Wapapi is a Delphi programmer's toolkit for web development. If you can make a program in Delphi, then you can make a web-based program easily!

    Wapapi is a drop-in component. Drop it onto a Delphi form, and you immediately have access to a powerful API for producing web/application servers. Wapapi is built around a multi-threaded web server, so your application will stand alone. No additional software is necessary to put your application on the web.

    A Tool for Modern Development
    This is an exciting time for Delphi developers! More and more companies are converting applications to be web-based, and now you can leverage all your Delphi skills and create web applications easily!