Wapapi: Features

Wapapi is a Delphi component, for use with Delphi 5.

Very easy to use, just drop it onto a form and add a little code
Develop web/application servers in a language you know: Delphi
Easy debugging: since all code is in Delphi, you can add breakpoints and actually watch your application respond to web requests.
Simple but powerful API, help file merges with Delphi for quick reference!

Built for the Web
No seperate web server required, Wapapi has a built in multi threaded web server
Handles all web server communication and parsing for you
Easy form processing: built in methods for accessing HTML Form information
Speed: Built with Delphi, so you know it is FAST!

Easy Deployment
Easy deployment: your compiled program is all you need.
Can be used as stand-alone, or slaved off of an existing web server (supports Netscape, Microsift, O'Reilly, or any server that supports win-CGI)
Unlimited free runtime distribution! You purchase developers licenses only. Once your program is compiled, you may freely distribute it