Wapapi: History
Whatís this? History class for a piece of software?

Well, some things just donít fit into a functional description of an API. Besides, whatís wrong with doing things a little differently anyway?

Which brings us to Wapapi.

There has been a boom in the web-enabling of applications for the last couple of years that I found myself in the middle of. Clients are screaming for web-enabled applications. They see the ease of a browser interface and say "If itís this easy to use, it must be fast and easy to produce."

Yeah, right. Try explaining what HTTP and CGI mean to someone who just likes to click on the pretty graphics...

And if they get the acronyms, try telling them how learning JAVA is going to affect their one month till production schedule...

OK, so youíve been there. So have I, and I didnít like where Ďthereí was.

So I embarked on a mission. A mission to make web-enabling applications easy, a mission to make sure that I didnít have to spend time learning a new language. And a mission to make sure that everyone else could do it too.

This is a toolkit; the next generation after CGI. Easy interface, using the language of your choice.

Itís simple.
Itís quick.
Welcome to the new wave.
Welcome to Wapapi.

David Bush
Partner, Brown Bear Software
May 23, 1997