Wapapi: Register
How To Register.
When you register, you will receive an activation key that you type into the Registration ID and Registration Number fields of the Wapapi component. (No additional software to download!)
1. The easiest way is to click on secure server to send your order to us directly. This is the fastest method for obtaining a registration key.
2. If you are uncomfortable with on-line transactions you can send us Email. Just click on info@wapapi.com . We will get back to you very quickly with your registration key. Very painless.
3. Telephone. Call us at 907-278-1231. This is in Alaska USA. We can answer any questions you might have at that time, and arrange the best method of software delivery.
4. Postal mail. You can click on Registration Form to display a form that can be printed and mailed to us. Though slower than the two methods above, it still proves to be pretty reliable.

Pricing and Payment
We are able to accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. A check or money order drawn on US funds also works very well.
Wapapi 2.0 Delphi Edition $245.00